FAQs for Providers

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  1. Parents/guardians inform the approved provider that they wish to use a voucher for their child.
  2. The provider must collect the child's details from the parent/guardian. The critical information is the child's eleven (11) digit Medicare number or an Australian visa number. This can be done by:
    - asking parents/guardians to complete a voucher form (available on our website); or
    - through the provider's online registration system.
  3. After the parent/guardian has provided all the details necessary to submit a claim, the provider will reduce their fee. The parent/guardian will then pay the remaining balance (if any).

Providers are to submit claims using the Sports Vouchers portal. Providers will need to:

  • Collate and check all the information provided to them
  • Enter the data into a Sports Vouchers claim template CSV file, downloadable through the Sports Vouchers portal
  • Upload the completed claim spreadsheet to the Sports Vouchers portal
  • Keep a copy of the information uploaded for the provider's records

You must notify the Sports Vouchers team via email to advise - we will issue your organisation an invoice to repay the voucher amount and allow the child to use a voucher with another provider for that calendar year.

Yes, a voucher can be redeemed to discount the remaining balance.

Yes, the preferred method is to discount the fees upfront at the time of registration (e.g. if fees are $200, the parent will pay $100, and the provider will claim the remaining $100 from Sports Vouchers). However, some providers are unable to offer an upfront discount. In these instances, the parent pays the full fees and is refunded the $100 once the provider has received reimbursement from Sports Vouchers.

If the total fees are less than the voucher amount, then this is the maximum that can be claimed (e.g., if fees are $80, the provider can only claim $80, and the child will forgo the remaining $20 voucher. If there are additional fees for the child to participate (e.g., uniform, equipment, entry fees, etc.), these can be included in the total fee payable by the parent.

Once a valid claim has been submitted, reviewed and authorised by the Sports Vouchers team, the provider will be reimbursed directly to their bank account within 10 business days.

You will either be advised at the time of submission (an invalid Medicare number error message will appear), or we will communicate this to you once we have reviewed your claim. If we remove any children from your voucher claim, we will always send you an email to advise.

Contact Sports Vouchers

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