Use a Sports Voucher


  • 2024 Sports Vouchers are available to all South Australian children from Reception to Year 9 (this means the child would be born between 2009 to 2019)
  • Each eligible child can claim one voucher per calendar year.
  • Find a registered Sports Voucher activity provider using our Find a Provider online tool.
  • Let the provider know that you want to use your Sports Voucher to contribute to your membership fee.
  • Provide all the required details to the provider (the Sports Voucher form specifies all the details that providers need to collect from you). The critical piece of information is your child’s 11-digit Medicare number or Australian visa number. The two most common ways to give your child’s details to the provider are:
    • Filling out a Sports Voucher form (see download button below)
    • or through the providers own online registration system (if available)

After you have provided all the details necessary to receive a voucher, the provider must reduce their membership fee by up to $100. You must then pay the remaining balance. The preferred method is to provide a discount on membership fees at the time of payment (e.g. if fees are $200, the parent will pay $100, and the provider will claim the remaining $100 from the Sports Vouchers team).

Some providers cannot offer a discount upfront at the time of registration (due to varying reasons). In these instances, the parent pays the full membership fee and is refunded the $100 once the provider has received reimbursement from the Sports Vouchers team.

Download Voucher 2024

You must provide the voucher information directly to the organisation you are registering your child with. The hard copy voucher is not mandatory, as some providers have included this information in their online registration systems.

Contact Sports Vouchers

phone1300 714 990 (option 2)