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No, the voucher can only be redeemed at one provider per calendar year. If the total fees are less than the voucher amount ($100) then this is the maximum that can be claimed by the provider (e.g. if the fee is $80, the provider can only claim $80, and the child will forgo the remaining $20 of the voucher).

Yes, the voucher can be used on the remaining balance.

Please contact the provider directly so they can advise you if this is possible and the steps involved.

You must confirm with the organisation if the voucher has been submitted and processed with us. Please have the provider contact the Sports Vouchers team to advise if it has. We will invoice the provider for the voucher funds and allow your child to use a voucher with another provider for the calendar year.

Yes - use the search tool below to enter your child's 11-digit Medicare number. This will search the system and advise if the Medicare number has already been used in the calendar year (valid or invalid).

Medicare search function

Different organisations may record fees differently. Example 1: If the cost is per session or week you need to multiply this cost by the number of sessions or weeks (eg: $25 per session x 8 = $200) then enter $200. Example 2: If there is a season or term fee then enter this figure.

There are many reasons why a Medicare number may show ‘valid’ however it is then rejected when it comes through to us for processing:

  • When a Medicare card is reissued (after it expires or additional cardholders added, etc) the second to last digit changes on the card (this is the ‘issue’ number).
  • When a child is from a split family where there are different Medicare numbers.
  • When a provider or parent has incorrectly entered a sibling’s Medicare number.

The Medicare number search function is only done on the Medicare number and does not guarantee that a voucher will be accepted. Once the claim comes through to us for processing, a second check on the child’s name and date of birth is completed. This is how we can confirm if a child has already used a voucher in the calendar year.

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